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V.A. Piano Vocalism by The Standard Club [2009]

1. Looking at the Stars (The Standard Club PIANO DANCE Remix) / Q;indivi
2. You Take Me Up with Yukihiro Fukutomi / arvin homa aya
3. Sunrise feat. Samantha Nelson / MAKAI
4. Everlasting Love / GTS feat. mink
5. Twilight / note native
6. Set Me Free feat. Sofia / yuma
7. Everything Needs Love feat. BoA / MONDO GROSSO
8. Blazin’ Heart (Limited Version) / autumn leave’s
9. Mista Swing (Album Mix) feat. Monday Michiru / Jazztronik
10. Again feat. Love Divinity / The Standard Club
11. Never Felt So Fly / Rasmus Faber



Source: minipopcube@blogspot

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